About Neil

Neil Thomas has been a local Melbourne artist for over 25years. His work has been presented extensively nationally and overseas and has garnered several awards.

For the last five years he has been solidly working on Neil Thomas Art, aiming to make affordable, accessible and affecting art works. The work is an amalgamation of various skills and expressive of a world attitude and philosophy. 

All the work is original and is hand-made in his garden studio in inner Melbourne. Neil uses wood, paint and found objects.

Neil's stuff can be found every Saturday and Sunday at The Rose St. Artists' Market.

Check his Facebook page for weekly location updates.

But while you're here! This video says a lot.

A disclaimer of sorts

Jeremy Beasley is a genius! 

I had little to do with the making of this video except to cloud and obstruct his vision. The strange truth is i never fully realized he was making a video and maybe that is why he has captured such an intimacy. What he has presented is of course there, but it is his wisdom, sensitivity and maturity that has brought that out. 

Many thanks Jeremy.

To be happy, to be lost by Jeremy Beasley